Removing autorun.inf virus

Sometimes your drives get infected with viruses which don't let you open that file, or simply scramble up your right click context menu.
Why use any anti virus when u can remove it urself??

Make a search for autorun.inf file, and include hidden files and system file in your search. As soon as you get the file, SHIFT+DELETE.
Now log-out and log-in again; your dives will be normal.
you can also enable the "show hidden files" options from folder options menu, but sometimes that virus disables this feature too. so for this, you can go to Command Prompt, and type-

This will show u ur hidden files, now mesmerize the names to delete, delete that autorun.inf file and other unwanted files with DEL command, and re-login.
I'll be posting the registry entry which controls the visibility of hidden files.
Try this until then, or mail me if any problem