Stop Reserving, If you have the caliber, Compete

Recently I found myself competing for my Master's degree.
Though I was not very well prepared for the exams, but rather than just finding that I wasn't in, I also realized that there's a lot of people who got advantage of reservation.

I was shocked to see, that although I could have been selected, I wasn't!!

I also found many others who were not selected because competition for general category has become very very tough.

Why are we divided into categories?
When we get salaries, punishments, then the cast system is not followed, then why in competitions?

We are the citizens of India, and we all are Indians first then anything else.
By this government is also dividing the people on the basis of casts and sects.
Won't this create bigger problems?

I can estimate the outcomes of such a system too: they provide reservation in the competitions, then chances of selection of non-skilled people become high.
These r the people who at last work for the nation, and of course aren't as skilled as other people who couldn't get in because their seats were served to reserved candidates.

This is what generates, 'brain drain' from India. because the mass of the highly skilled people go abroad and work for other countries, just because their talents aren't recognized in India, their own country.

I wasn't certainly a deserving candidates, but there would have been thousands others, more skilled than me, who suffered because of reservation system.

It is a questions for Indian policy makers, how do they come around such an silly concepts without thinking about the future?

Are we still the biggest democracy when we're not giving 'equal' chances to every citizen?