JMI's decision to provide legal aid to its two students is surely appraised!!

I really appreciate Jamia Millia Islamia's decision to help its two students legally who are apparently involved in Delhi serial blasts.
Delhi Police has shown how they work.
killing two people in jamia nagar wasn't what the trial could bring.
The guys had police verification before renting the house and now police says that the verification is false, now i question the law-keepers and lawmakers: that why do they create rules first then deny their authenticity??
I am also living in a house away from my home, and many of my friends are living in rented houses.
Some of them are Hindus and some are Muslims too, all of them have police verification and domicile certificates with them.
Are they having it all so that one day some one can shoot them dead and say they were terrorists and their verifications were fake??
In that case the police department issuing the verification and NOC will be the biggest accused. Why did they permit a person to live in a particular locality if his identity or activities were suspected??

They say India is developing, and I am happy know that how it is developing: shining on the outer side but the base is rotten.

As far as Jamia Millia is concerned, so the two students who got arrested were living in Jamia and they had only the university as their guardian and home in the big city of Delhi, so the use of students funds for legal aid is totally fair.
I deeply honor and welcome Mr. Mushirul Hasan, the VC of the university about his decision, and welcome the UPA government too, for the intellect.