Vodafone Mobile Connect settings for Android handsets.

If you're also in the same condition which I was in a couple of weeks ago, you're at the right place to find a solution.

I live in India , I had GPRS/Internet enabled through Vodafone, but it only used to work with the browser and nothing else.
I couldn't access Gmail, Market, Twitter, Facebook, Maps and my own apps  which used the internet.

After a lot of research, I found out that its the problem with Internet Settings.
I was using settings, made for Vodafone live! while I had to use settings fo Vodafone Mobile Connect

I had to go to a Vodafone Mini Store here in India, and had to make the guy understand that although my phone is a Sony Ericsson, but its an Android handset, as he was only searching for settings sent by Vodafone for Sony Ericsson handsets.

After searching his computer for a short while, I found out that there were dedicated settings for Android Handsets provided by Vodafone.

So, here they are:

  • Navigate to network settings: Menu > Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks & Access Point Names > New APN (via 'menu' button)
  • Name: VMC
  • APN: www
  • Proxy:
  • Port: 9401
  • Username: --blank--
  • Password: --blank--
  • Server: --blank--
  • MMSC: --blank--
  • MMS Proxy: --blank--
  • MMS Port: --blank--
  • MCC: 404
  • MNC: 88
  • Authentication Type: None
  • Apn Type: --blank--

Save these settings, make them default, and restart data connection (or restart your phone) and things should work fine now.

The only drawback I noticed, was that the browser won't work using these settings.
So for this, you have Opera Mini!

Please remember that these settings are for Vodafone India. They might not work in other countries.
On the other note, I also have subscribed to their internet services by paying extra fee, not doing so, might also keep your apps from accessing the internet.
Just research this on your end. :-)


ramkumar said...
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ramkumar said...

Thanq. That worked fine for me.
MNC: 13
in my vodafone(Andhra Pradesh).
Also U haven't mentioned the save option.
Although workaround opera is fine. Did u resolved the drawback u mentioned. Please tell me if u did.

pr.android said...

i did the same on my android and it shows connecting continuously. going nowhere with it . :(

pr.android said...

please help if u have some idea. m going insane with this

Bhima raju said...

Settings working for me in apps and also for default browser:
1. Name - anything you like
2. APN - www
3. Proxy -
4. Port -
5. Username -
6. Password -
7. Server -
8. MMSC -
9. MMS proxy -
10. MMS port -
11. MCC - 404
12. MNC - 13
13. Authentication type - None
14. APN type -
Save and restart your phone.

The above settings working for vodafone Andhra Pradesh.
Make sure you have a valid data connection plan activated. (just incase if you have not done that)

myra muskan said...

Please note that for DELHI the MNC is 11

Sagar Kumar said...

Thanks for clean information ...working fine for me

as muskan mentioned for DELHI the MNC is 11....this comment is also very useful

Siddharth said...

Great! This really did solve the issue..

vodafone seems to be suffering from a ridiculous issue where the techie guys sitting over there have no idea about how to make things work.

Sad state.

For Maharashtra, MNC is 27.


Amish said...

Hi Aman, Plz check your email and revert back soon!


Mohsin said...

check your mnc mcc codes here


Mohsin said...

well there is one update

if i put proxy and port the apn is not getting saved at all and same goes for apn type

finally it worked with just

Name: vodafone
APN: www
Authentication: none

im on cyanogenmod 7.2 on htc wildfire

shap said...

Thanks dude, you really made my day. Vodafone customer care are out of wits but thanks for sharing. I got your blog after hours of "google" and trail.

SaGaR said...

I find these info shared here extremely useful .... Totally appreciate the query and the responses ...
Could you please help me with the following topic :

"Tata Docomo Mobile Connect settings for Android handsets."
Kindly email me at roy.sagar.1989@gmail.com if you have any useful information to share. Aprreciate your efforts again. :)


Watson Joshua said...
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Watson Joshua said...

For chennai its 84

arvind said...

Dear Aman Alam
I am residing Panipat Haryanan. i have Motorola Mile stone XT800.its dual SIM 2.1 androide phone.I have reliance (cdma) and vodaphone (gsm) connection in these mobiles. I tried your settings for vodafone but did not work. i am also tried to connect to connect net but failed. i find on your blog that you had resolved the problem of many .pl. help
Arvind Sood
mob 9355084501
age 55 years

Arushi Bhatnagar said...

Hi Aman Alam:

Thank you so much for your providing GPRS settings for my LG Prada 940P phone, I got from Australia.

Fianlly I was able to resolve my internet access for phone but also now it has resolved an old issue of teethering internet to my laptop through hotspot. My laptop is access internet through my phone at 3G speed. :-).

Thanks once again.
Shailendra Bh

sargam india said...

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dvdkaps said...
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dvdkaps said...

I'm using an htc desire 620g, i put all the setting as upon but it still not working!! need some helps