Apple, Samsung and the lawsuit

I am an Android developer, and I love Android devices.
It's no secret that Samsung's making some really cool Android devices and that's why they're the biggest phone manufacturers in the world, and I am happy about that.

But then there's Apple and their lawsuit against Samsung, claiming that the latter has copied Apple device's appearances. They've also got solid proof for that now (here too).

Should I be angry at Apple for suing one of our favorite manufacturer? from a fanboy's point of view, perhaps yes, but since Apple has got some valid points, I don't think I should envy Apple at all.

I was just going through some devices at work and realized that not just the device's appearance, the accessories too seem to have a lot in common. I was going through the device's data-cables cum charger-cables, and the Samsung device in consideration is Galaxy Tab 10.1 16GB (GT-P7500) which is a nice device otherwise.

I took some pictures to support my point, here they are:

The front 'look' of the cable port, that goes into the device (left: Samsung, right:Apple)

The other end of the cable:
 Except the rounded corners, and a dent in the metallic area, it looks quite similar.

And the port's configuration:
A difference can be noticed in the placement of the pins actually, but everything else remains almost the same.

Okay, I get that there are some certain stuff that always looks the same for the sake of functionality, like the locking mechanism present in the side of the port, but there are others who are doing it differently.

I don't know if its intentional or a mistake or if its really a cable standard that everyone else follows/has to follow, but Apple's points do hold true to some extent if you pay attention to the details while looking at Samsung stuff from the perspective that they copied things from Apple.

Let me know in the comments what you guys think about it (I am not expecting a comment war here, though :D )

UPDATE: I was told about this good infographic about Samsung and Apple by Allison Morris, thought of sharing it here:
(original source: Head over to the source to see it in full)