On a smartness diet : Back to Basics

Last weekend, I took a decision to switch back to an old, basic, non-smart phone from this Monday for a full week, just to see the differences. I have been using this Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro (long name, right? Yes, and confusing too!) for more than a year. This one:

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro

There were a few reasons why I bought it:
  1. - The qwerty keyboard
  2. - The small size, fits in the pocket perfectly
  3. - Sony Ericsson's UI has been quite good consistently.
  4. - Speaker quality was very good
  5. - Camera quality was impressive
  6. - Touch was smooth
  7. - Easier to hold and operate
  8. - Last, I've been a Sony Ericsson user all my life :)

All these reasons are still pretty much here, except the fact that after the latest upgrade, it has become dead slow.
The cons of this phone were:
  • - Battery died in a year
  • - Battery was quite less powerful
  • - Internal memory too low
  • - And this small guy never got any update past Android 2.1

And when a phone isn't able to perform its basic tasks related to Telephony, I can't use it anymore. This little guy had become too slow to get things done. Apart from this, I wanted to disconnect myself a bit from the Internet a bit. Too much connection (emails, whatsapp, twitter) every time, kind of invaded my personal space and overfed me with information without which I was doing fine before.

This is the Monday, and according to the plan, I have changed my SIM card to the backup phone, a Nokia 1202:

Nokia 1202

I am surely going to miss one thing, Google Maps, but then too, I want to brush my natural path-finding skills a bit more, the way I used to do before.

During this week, I'll stick to the very basics of the telephony, and will minutely note the differences in how happy or sad I feel, in the end. And once I am done, I'll come back on the next Monday with the results here.

(Update: I am back to a smarpthone, a better one, Galaxy Nexus. The experience log is blogged with the name Smart Again)


Sheikh Meraj: back on work .. said...

bahut sahi boss...
hv funn with ur old version ..

mike lee said...

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