What's in the name anyway

I would rather keep this post short.

Recently heard that the new chief of Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB, as they call it) will happen to be a Muslim guy.

A quick Google search to learn more got me to this article on a daily called "The Siasat Daily" (Indian daily). Quite a neutral reporting, I don't know the source they took the text from (if they did) but quite neutral.

Then reads a comment:
If any muslim is offered higher position it means government wants to use his shoulder to target muslims. Take an example of Abu Kalam and supereme court judge taking decision of babri mosque. If he get position he has to do his job what a common muslim get from him. Most of them are puppits. If he raise voice for equal rights of muslims in india than we can feel better. Letus see what will he do. It is too early to congratulate him now. you are in test Asif sahab be fair and be strong. Follow the straight path like Omer Bin Kattab Razi allah hu ta'alan. if you need to scrifice your job for right thing you should do it. May Allah help you.
I may be irrelevant, but a few thoughts crossed my mind and irked me:

a) Why is it being made in a news if a 'Muslim' man is appointed as the chief?
b) Why some of us Muslims think they need a Godfather or a figure who can 'fight' for equal rights?
c) On different occasions, why it becomes a special news citing 'Muslim' as a keyword if something happens in the world?
d) Why Muslims rather don't take an example from people like the one the article talked about, and try to learn his way to achieve success?
e) Why do we Muslims, or other people in general, keep waiting for opportunities to be served to us in a plate, why don't we strive (do we)?

A few months ago, a Hijabi woman appearing in Egyptian national news as a news reader, made headlines as "First veiled woman appears on Egyptian news channel". First off, she wasn't veiled, her face was visible, face is visible in most of the Hijab forms; second, it was Egypts own news channel, probably isn't seen outside of the country,  they're completely free to appear whatever way they want to appear in a television, and if that whole nation doesn't have a problem with it, doesn't find anything to make a news about it, why anybody else should?
Why does it matter to the international world (particular to this scenario) if something happens related to Muslims living in a Muslim country?
Different countries have different cultures, and the people of those countries live with it. It shouldn't be something we should be reading in news.

I've lived a life so far, where I got equal opportunities as anyone else (or probably more) because I worked hard for it. My religion, my name hasn't mattered so far in an incident large enough to be remembered forever.

My reply to this gentleman, which is awaiting moderation at the article, hence goes like this:
Its only us who can help ourselves.Mr. Asif, studied, worked hard, and that's the only reason why he's there.Not because some other Muslim guy was on top raising voice for Muslim community.Stand up for your own self, study, work hard, strive to resolve differences, and the country gives equal opportunities to every single person regardless of cast, creed or religion.And yes, this comes from a Muslim himself who's seen equal opportunities in India as any other citizen.
As articulate as I could be.